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Search help

Search help

There are a number of ways to search the Rehab Online website.

Homepage search

You can use our homepage search to look for:
- the name of a residential rehab project
- town
- county
- postcode

Just enter the name/town or county you are looking for and a box should pop up with the options that match, e.g.:



Just select the one that matches and click “go” or press enter on your keyboard.

This will take you to the list of drug and alcohol residential rehab settings that match.

You can also use the search on the homepage to search for all drug residential rehab settings or all alcohol residential rehab settings. Just check the box above the search box and click “go” or press enter on your keyboard.

If you search by town, county or postcode, this will automatically search within a 20-mile radius. If this does not deliver the results you expect, click on the refine search link at the top, and this will take you to our advanced search page.

Advanced search

In the advanced search, you can select multiple criteria, to narrow down your search results.

Use our advanced search page to search for:

- the name of a residential rehab project  


search by project2  

Enter the name of the treatment centre you are looking for, and click “go” or press enter on your keyboard. This will take you to the project. Click on its name for more information.

- rehab type 


search by rehab type 

Use this box to search by drug or alcohol treatment, to see if detox is available and/or to select a particular philosophy of care, e.g. eclectic/integrated, 12-step etc.

- location


search by location 

Use this box to do a location search. You can select the radius using the drop-down box on the right hand side. Alternatively, you can search by county or region, using the drop-down boxes.

- vacancies   


search by vacancies 

You can choose projects that have current vacancies by ticking the “Only include projects with vacancies” box. If you have a particular date that you need a vacancy, then use the date box, and enter the date. Vacancy information is updated weekly for most centres.

- other criteria


other criteria

You can also select any of the options above.

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