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Last Updated: 03/07/20

Telephone: 0207 581 8222

Address: (map)
2 Kendrick Street, South Kensington, Inner London, London, Inner London, SW7 3HG



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What we do
Substance misuse: Drugs:      Alcohol:  
Female only project: No
Typical length of the first-stage programme 0
Typical length of the second-stage programme 28
Mandatory drug/alcohol testing: Randomly / On suspicion
Detoxification available
Detox length  
Alcohol: 0
Opiates: 0
Benzodiazepines: 0
Stimulants: 0
Support available
Supported housing and resettlement: No
Education, training & employment No
Female only groups: No
Philosophy/programme of care: Eclectic/integrated
12-step (inc MM)
CBT/social learning
Therapeutic community
Programme details:
No details supplied
Family support services:
Weekly on site Family Group Therapy with free aftercare support.
Activities provided for children and families:
No details supplied
Post treatment support:
Free Aftercare. Both on site and online.
Harm reduction policies for clients leaving the programme early:
No details supplied
Resettlement / after-care services:
No details supplied
Hours a client would typically spend on elements of the programme in a week:
One to one counselling and keyworking: 7
Group work: 0
Complementary therapies: 0
Education: 0
Domestic duties: 0
Other activities: 0
Other details:
Treatment completion rate (% clients discharged for)
Treatment complete 0 %
Service user transferred 0 %
Treatment incomplete :
   - client dropped out 0 %
   - treatment withdrawn by provider 0 %
Who we treat
Accepted clients Female
Age range of clients 18 - 90
The following are accepted: Couples
Pregnant women
Criminal Justice referrals: None yet selected
Child care options: Children can have day visits
Dual diagnosis clients accepted
How the programme is equipped for dual diagnosis or complex needs:
No details supplied
Accepts client on the following prescribed psycho-active medication: Anti-depressants
Exclusions and restrictions to admission:
Clinical Assesment prior to admission
Facilities / vacancies
Bed vacancies
Number of Beds Registration Room
Detox Disabled
Gender Contract
3 Drug/alcohol (D/A) Ensuite Yes None Both N/A
Total registered beds: 9
Ensuite rooms: 3
Shared rooms (3+): 0
Twin rooms: 0
Single rooms: 9
Female-only beds: 0
Male-only beds: 0
Beds for detox: 9
Detox programme details:
No details supplied
Level of wheelchair access: None
No. bedrooms with full disabled access: 0
Sign language: No
Pets: No
Level of catering Full
Domestic responsibilities None
Complementary therapies:
No details supplied
Other facilities (eg. languages spoken, dietary options, religions etc.): Religious holidays observed
Dietry requirements
Fees & other info
Gross weekly residential charge: Not yet supplied
Block contracts: No
Block contracts costs: Not yet supplied
Other cost-related services:
Detox additional weekly charge  
Alcohol: Not yet supplied
Opiates: Not yet supplied
Benzodiazepines: Not yet supplied
Stimulants: Not yet supplied
Admission and discharge information:
Assessment and admissions:
No details supplied
Additional admission services:
No details supplied
Discharge policies:
No details supplied
Registration: Care home only
Registered with the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS): No
Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - from October 2010: No
Local Authorities using this project None yet selected
Local Care Quality Commission(CQC) office: No details supplied
Region: London
Local Authority area: No details supplied
Drug and Alcohol Team: No details supplied
Primary contact: No details supplied
Contact phone: No details supplied
Admission phone: No details supplied
Quality initiatives
No details supplied
Staffing - Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
Clinical: 0
Doctors/psychiatrists: 0
Nurses: 0
Dual-diagnosis workers: 0
General counsellors: 0
Other clinical: 0
Volunteers: 0
Support/non-clinical: 0
Resettlement workers: 0
Children's workers: 0
Service managers: 0
Training/education staff: 0
Other non-clinical: 0
Total FTE paid staff: 0
Staff qualifications:
No details supplied
Night cover: 24-hours
Reviews / videos
Not available
Service user reviews:
Please visit Google reviews for many more!
Emily B
In all honesty, PROMIS saved my life.
I went to Hay Farm as a complete ball of fear, I was absolutely terrified of everything - including my own shadow. I fought countless of times with the therapists, trying to tell them that I knew best and that my way was right. However, hitting rock bottom took me to a place that I never want to go back to again. I was finally able to see that my eating disorder was not my best friend, but something that wanted to kill me. Desperation enabled me to finally listen to them, and from that moment, I put my faith in them and trusted them literally with my life. I was so incredibly lucky that they never gave up hope and they believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Their persistence and care, as well as their guidance, was everything I needed to get my feet back on the ground. They helped me push past the most uncomfortable feelings - they made me see that there was actually light at the end of the tunnel for the first time! I cannot thank the team enough for what they have done for me. My focal counsellors changed my life and will never forget them.

I spend over 4 weeks at promis. It was hard work, I was called out over my behaviour and worked hard to try and learn. I listened. The therapist are epic, unsung towers of strength and should be respected and learnt from. Listen, engage, be brave promis will help. Be stubborn, be resentful, be angry promis will help. Be humble. Thank you to all of u for holding me when I lost my grip.
Professional reviews:
No details supplied

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