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Acorn Recovery Projects

Acorn Recovery Projects
Last Updated: 25/04/19

Telephone: 0161 484 0000

Address: (map)
Fulstone House, 130 Mile End Lane, Stockport, Greater Manchester, SK2 6BY



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What we do
Substance misuse: Drugs:      Alcohol:  
Female only project: No
Typical length of the first-stage programme 12
Typical length of the second-stage programme 8
Mandatory drug/alcohol testing: Randomly / On suspicion
Detoxification available No
Support available
Supported housing and resettlement:
Education, training & employment
Female only groups: No
Philosophy/programme of care: Eclectic/integrated
12-step (inc MM)
CBT/social learning
Programme details:
12 step:
The 12 step programme follows the principals and traditions set out in the alcoholics/narcotics anonymous big book literature which is then delivered within a therapeutic and ethical framework.

The D.E.A.P. Programme is based in The Cycle of Change combined with cognitive analytical and relational theries (John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory) and I.T.E.P Mind Mapping principles. All of which are delivered through an eclectic composition of best practice across different therapeutic models comprising of Cognitive Behavioural therapy (C.B.T), Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (R.E.B.T) Gestalt, Person Centred and Psychodrama.

Both programmes have structural similarities such as diary groups every morning, positive and negative feedback groups Friday mornings and recovery groups twice weekly (Monday & Friday afternoons)

The Skills Training and Reintegration (STAR) course is designed specifically for those in recovery from addiction to help them overcome the practical and psychological barriers in gaining employment. It includes employability lectures, recovery maintenance, assertive linkage into self help, personal development and accredited training. On completion of this course all graduates will have a Certificate in Recovery Coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management and a level 1 award in Mentoring accredited by NCFE. We guarantee a voluntary work placement with one of our partner agencies so that they can put their training into practice and share their experience and knowledge to mentor and support others in their recovery journeys
Family support services:
All our staff have been trained to deliver the MPACT programme (Moving Parents and Children Together).

We run a number of programmes that are accessible to families including: Family conferences, Family groups and literature which is given to family members prior to the admission of there significant other.
Activities provided for children and families:
A wide range of activities can be accessed for children and families including family groups, family conferences, parenting courses and family bonding activities (weekend plans). All our staff have been trained to deliver the MPACT programme (Moving Parents and Children Together).
Post treatment support:
Acorn have developed a large and vibrant recovery community which clients can live within in for up to 2 years following completion of their treatment. The service is integrated and has a major impact on treatment drug free completions, our infrastructure has been designed to support long term reintegration.

Acorn believe that to create sustainability there needs to be heavy investment and support at the backend of treatment, hence why we place so much emphasis and investment on housing, back to work schemes, reintegration and social enterprises.

We have aftercare groups running twice a week and ongoing family support groups that the clients families can continue to access post treatment.

As detailed above we have two social enterprise initiatives running that allow clients to access volunteering and training. We have a dedicated back to work team, that work with clients to help improve there employability and interview skills and techniques.
Harm reduction policies for clients leaving the programme early:
No details supplied
Resettlement / after-care services:
As detailed in above
Hours a client would typically spend on elements of the programme in a week:
One to one counselling and keyworking: 2
Group work: 25
Complementary therapies: 4
Education: 5
Domestic duties: 2
Other activities: 2
Other details:
Acorn currently manage 2 social enterprises RESTORE a furniture restoration factory and cafe/shop in Stockport and Cheshire and factory in Cheshire. We also have BADKAMRA a film production company who have recently covered Regional recovery events including the East Midlands and Cheshire.
Treatment completion rate (% clients discharged for)
Treatment complete 0 %
Service user transferred 0 %
Treatment incomplete :
   - client dropped out 0 %
   - treatment withdrawn by provider 0 %
Who we treat
Accepted clients Male / Female
Age range of clients 18 - 100
The following are accepted: Couples
Service users with children
Clients under Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRRs)
Clients under other community orders
Criminal Justice referrals: Court reports provided
Accompanied court attendance
Child care options: Children can have day visits
Dual diagnosis clients accepted
How the programme is equipped for dual diagnosis or complex needs:
Our programme is very adaptable and we frequently cater for clients with complex needs, we have a registered Mental Health nurse working on site and a very highly skilled staff team, including two fully qualified psychologists. We have excellent links with both local GP surgery’s and the mental health team, including the crisis team. We would always ensure that the links with the referring areas consultant were robust.
Accepts client on the following prescribed psycho-active medication: Anti-depressants
Exclusions and restrictions to admission:
We do not accept Schedule 1 offenders, where the offence was of a sexual nature or against a minor. We do not accept people who have recent convictions for arson – although the circumstances maybe looked at and ultimately the decision would be made by our Senior Management Team.
Facilities / vacancies
Bed vacancies : Please note this project runs a bed waiting list, please call the project for more details.
No current vacancies
Total registered beds: 30
Ensuite rooms: 5
Shared rooms (3+): 0
Twin rooms: 0
Single rooms: 14
Female-only beds: 0
Male-only beds: 6
Beds for detox: 0
Detox programme details:
Level of wheelchair access: Full
No. bedrooms with full disabled access: 3
Sign language: No
Pets: No
Level of catering Partial
Domestic responsibilities Full
Complementary therapies:
Complementary therapies available include:
Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Reiki.
Other facilities (eg. languages spoken, dietary options, religions etc.): Religious holidays observed
Dietry requirements
Fees & other info
Gross weekly residential charge: Not yet supplied
Block contracts:
Block contracts costs: Not yet supplied
Other cost-related services:
Acorn have a number of PBR models across the North West and would be happy to explore these options.
Admission and discharge information:
Assessment and admissions:
How to make a referral:
To make a tier 4 referral please contact 0161 484 0000 alternatively you can e-mail on
All tier 4 spot purchase referrals go through a Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Once a referral has been received an arrangement will be made for the client to be assessed by a member of the Acorn team within 48 hours of being referred. Please note that prior to offering a placement we may ask for additional information such as pre cons, psychiatric reports, Medical reports etc.

You will receive confirmation in writing, detailing why the client has been refused, along with an action plan or signposting to another service.

You will receive written confirmation that your client has been accepted. You will then be required to liaise with the SPOC to arrange bed dates/availability/additional visits to see the client pre-treatment and collection if required.

Commencement of treatment:
Throughout your clients treatment journey you will receive regular updates from the SPOC, informing you of how your client is progressing or if there are any issues or concerns that we feel you need to be aware of. The SPOC will make arrangements for you to attend 3-way meetings with the client and counsellor and ensure that you receive all relevant paperwork including clients reviews/discharge summary’s etc.

Post Treatment:
Once a client is nearing completion of our programme, you will be invited to attend a final care plan review, during this time it will be discussed if a client will immediately be returning to their area or whether they will be moving into our recovery community, where they will be able to stay for a maximum of 6 months. If a client decides to stay in the community, they will be passed over to the community recover reintegration team, where they will oversee the co-ordination of their continuing journey.
Additional admission services:
No details supplied
Discharge policies:
Unplanned discharges/treatment incomplete:
Where a client has been asked to leave the programme or has voluntarily decided to leave, the SPOC will contact the agency involved directly and inform them of the decision. The SPOC will send a client discharge notification and will liaise directly with the agency to arrange transportation and referrals back into community services if required.

We have developed a “loop system” with other rehab providers whereby we have access to arrange onward referrals to other providers should that be the wish of the client and care co-ordinator.

Please note for you convenience and to allow continuity of care any information you require relating to the client will be supplied through the SPOC.
Registration: Supporting people
Registered with the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS):
Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - from October 2010:
Local Authorities using this project None yet selected
Local Care Quality Commission(CQC) office:
Region: North West
Local Authority area: North West
Drug and Alcohol Team: No details supplied
Primary contact: No details supplied
Contact phone: No details supplied
Admission phone: No details supplied
Quality initiatives
Recently employed a CQC quality assurance lead, who overseas compliance and quality throughout the organisation.
Staffing - Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
Clinical: 0
Doctors/psychiatrists: 0
Nurses: 0
Dual-diagnosis workers: 0
General counsellors: 0
Other clinical: 0
Volunteers: 0
Support/non-clinical: 0
Resettlement workers: 0
Children's workers: 0
Service managers: 0
Training/education staff: 0
Other non-clinical: 0
Total FTE paid staff: 0
Staff qualifications:
ll Recovery staff are qualified to at least NVQ III Health and Social Care. The CQC Registered Housing Manager is responsible to ensure all policies, and procedures are carried out in line with company responsibilities and obligations.

The Quality Assurance & Health and Safety Coordinator a RMN (Registered Mental Health Nurse) (1987) BSc (Hons) Psychology works closely with the Care Quality Commission to ensure regulated activity compliance.

All Addiction Counsellors are qualified at level 4 diploma and members of British association of counsellors and psychotherapists (BACP) it is a mandatory requirement that all counsellors have clinical supervision. Acorn employs a Senior Therapists BSc HONS Psych, who is responsible for clinical supervision and overseeing the Tier 4 programmes. A qualified lecturer/trainer and experienced clinical supervisor who is a member of the (BACP).

Clinical Supervision is provided to all counselling staff on a one-to-one supervisor (supervisor-supervisee) fortnightly basis and in accordance with the (BACP) on going professional development alongside 40 hours training per year in which Acorn deliver some modules internally and uses external training organisations.
Night cover: 24-hours
Reviews / videos
Not available
Service user reviews:
“I’ve had thousands spent on me sending me to rehab units all over the country, Acorn worked for me”

“It’s the warm & friendliness of everyone that sets this place apart”

“I can’t thank Acorn enough for what they have done for me, they’ve literally saved my life”

“I’m a new & better person now because of Acorn, I can’t thank you enough”

“if it wasn’t so intensive, I’d have never got through it”

“Thank you to everyone on the RAMP programme who has shown me that there is a much better life to be had, than the one I had previously been living” Tara, Teacher in Oldham

“Meeting people with similar problems to my own was invaluable to me. It really spurred me on to regain control of my life”

“Helpful friendly staff and clients and it has opened door to de-tox and rehab”

When I stopped listening to my head and started listening to people who knew best, my journey to recovery became simple, but not easy. - Daran – Tameside RAMP Group Facilitator (former client)
Professional reviews:
No details supplied

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