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Gladstones Clinic

Gladstones Clinic
Last Updated: 31/08/20

Telephone: 0117 925 2995

Address: (map)
48 St Pauls Road, Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS8 1LP



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What we do
Substance misuse: Drugs:      Alcohol:  
Female only project: No
Typical length of the first-stage programme 28
Typical length of the second-stage programme 28
Mandatory drug/alcohol testing: Randomly / On suspicion
Detoxification available
Detox length  
Alcohol: 0
Opiates: 0
Benzodiazepines: 0
Stimulants: 0
Support available
Supported housing and resettlement:
Education, training & employment
Female only groups: No
Philosophy/programme of care: Eclectic/integrated
CBT/social learning
Therapeutic community
Programme details:
Gladstones Clinics London & Cotswolds provides private, residential rehabilitation for addiction to drugs, alcohol and behavioural disorders. The clinic offers detox, primary care, secondary care, transitional care and aftercare services to all clients. The Gladstones treatment model involves integrative and holistic therapies alongside traditional medical and psychiatric modalities such as one-to-one counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, acupuncture, diet and nutrition and physical therapy.
Family support services:
Gladstones firmly believes in working with families to help their loved one beat addiction for good. Services include drug & alcohol interventions, family counseling, and a teen rehab programme. Family members are encouraged to participate as much as they can in their loved one's recovery and the clinical team is always available to answer questions and update them on their family member's progress.
Activities provided for children and families:
No details supplied
Post treatment support:
All clients who successfully complete any of our treatment programmes is invited to participate in FREE Saturday Morning aftercare meetings at the clinic for life.
Harm reduction policies for clients leaving the programme early:
Our programme is designed to help clients complete treatment and we work as flexibly as possible to reach an individual positive outcome. However, we are also aware of the significance in providing harm reduction information both at the start of the programme and in the event of an unplanned discharge.
Resettlement / after-care services:
A complete range of aftercare and half-way living arrangements. Saturday aftercare support meetings for life.
Hours a client would typically spend on elements of the programme in a week:
One to one counselling and keyworking: 2
Group work: 36
Complementary therapies: 5
Education: 0
Domestic duties: 0
Other activities: 6
Other details:
Treatment completion rate (% clients discharged for)
Treatment complete 0 %
Service user transferred 0 %
Treatment incomplete :
   - client dropped out 0 %
   - treatment withdrawn by provider 0 %
Who we treat
Accepted clients Male / Female
Age range of clients 16 - 85
The following are accepted: Clients under Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRRs)
Clients under other community orders
Criminal Justice referrals: None yet selected
Child care options: Children can have day visits
Dual diagnosis clients accepted
How the programme is equipped for dual diagnosis or complex needs:
All staff are part of a fully qualified Multi-Disciplinary Team
Accepts client on the following prescribed psycho-active medication: Anti-depressants
Exclusions and restrictions to admission:
No details supplied
Facilities / vacancies
Bed vacancies : Please note this project runs a bed waiting list, please call the project for more details.
No current vacancies
Total registered beds: 22
Ensuite rooms: 12
Shared rooms (3+): 0
Twin rooms: 0
Single rooms: 22
Female-only beds: 0
Male-only beds: 0
Beds for detox: 22
Detox programme details:
Medically supervised detox included as part of 28 day programme
Level of wheelchair access: Limited
No. bedrooms with full disabled access: 1
Sign language: No
Pets: No
Level of catering Full
Domestic responsibilities Partial
Complementary therapies:
Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Movement therapy
Other facilities (eg. languages spoken, dietary options, religions etc.): Dietry requirements
Fees & other info
Gross weekly residential charge: Not yet supplied
Block contracts: No
Block contracts costs: Not yet supplied
Other cost-related services:
Detox additional weekly charge  
Alcohol: Not yet supplied
Opiates: Not yet supplied
Benzodiazepines: Not yet supplied
Stimulants: Not yet supplied
Admission and discharge information:
Assessment and admissions:
No details supplied
Additional admission services:
No details supplied
Discharge policies:
No details supplied
Registration: Independent hospital
Registered with the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS): No
Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - from October 2010:
Local Authorities using this project Bath and North East Somerset
Local Care Quality Commission(CQC) office: No details supplied
Region: South West
Local Authority area: No details supplied
Drug and Alcohol Team: No details supplied
Primary contact: No details supplied
Contact phone: No details supplied
Admission phone: No details supplied
Quality initiatives
No details supplied
Staffing - Full Time Equivalents (FTEs)
Clinical: 0
Doctors/psychiatrists: 0
Nurses: 0
Dual-diagnosis workers: 0
General counsellors: 0
Other clinical: 0
Volunteers: 0
Support/non-clinical: 0
Resettlement workers: 0
Children's workers: 0
Service managers: 0
Training/education staff: 0
Other non-clinical: 0
Total FTE paid staff: 0
Staff qualifications:
No details supplied
Night cover: 24-hours
Reviews / videos
Not available
Service user reviews:
Client reviews are located here:
Professional reviews:
No details supplied

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